mobile phone photography course

Some say that pictures shot with a mobile phone can never be as good as pictures shot with a “real” camera. Humbug! I say.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs
— Ansel Adams

Even professional photographers use mobile phones for certain pictures nowadays. For me it’s about being able to capture a moment, an object, a felling etc. It’s not about what equipment I have. That would be like saying I cannot buy a painting by Dali or Picasso because they used the wrong kind of canvas…

I have to admit though, that some pictures are just not possible to shoot with a mobile…


What is a good picture? I guess we all have an idea about what we like. Or at least what we believe we like. How can I improve my photography skills? What do I have to do to make my pictures stand out?.


I have put together a Mobile Phone Photography course. The inspiration is proudly stolen from other photographers and put together into a 24 hour course. And this is what it looks like…

  • Eat with your eyes
    Make food look tasty and objects amazing

  • “I shoot only with my mobile phone”
    We have a look at some of the fundamentals, lights, shutter speed, aperture etc. of photography

  • The correct light
    The light is crucial for the picture, so how do we use it?

  • Picture- and other languages
    Sometimes you need a text to go with your pictures. What is the best way to combine a picture with the written word?

  • Macro photography
    How to capture the little buggars!

  • Black & White
    ”If you want fashion, shoot in colors. If you want emotion, shoot in Black & White”

  • Small talk with pictures
    Why you should be better to speak in pictures

  • Pro over one night
    The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. A professional always thinks about the viewer.

  • More lively pictures
    How do you make things happen in your pictures? We have a look at landscapes, cities, woods, water…

  • How to capture people
    It’s a bit about portraits but most focus will be on people in general

  • Holiday Pictures
    What is a memorable holiday picture? How to catch the holiday spirit.

Here are some of the things we will do during the course…

You learn the basics of storytelling; image composition, timing and how to start building your own photographic style.

  • Composition and how you influence the viewer's feelings and thoughts through the structure of the image.

  • What makes certain images communicate more clearly than others.

  • Light and exposure.

  • How you can better assess the conditions your own images have, for conveying the message you want to convey.

  • How image quality can be changed by changing the title, caption and context.

  • Be prepared for the unknown and plan your pictures

  • “A picture a day “and other projects