Me and my mobile phone pictures

I am Patrik Österblad, a Swede and Luxembourger, who has been residing in Luxembourg for 25 years.

I have been taking pictures for many years and I love to work with words.

Pictures from my mobile phone and written content is an unbeatable combination, so I decided to start creating awesome websites for smaller businesses.

Beautiful websites with non-corporate lingo and personal pictures for your business.

Boring white walls in your office do not inspire, so why not hang pictures on your walls as well...?

My STYLE, or lack of...

I do not believe in "He or she is a this or that photographer".

I think my work could be described as quite moody with a tendency towards the sublime.

I am curious, myself, and a bit grumpy from time to time.

I like to shoot in Black & White and as someone said:

"If you want fashion, shoot in colour and if you want emotion shoot in Black & White.